We are a company that is dedicated to the exploitation of the trade branch in all its forms such as:

Distribution, Marketing, Manufacture, Import, and Sale of all types of Computer Equipment, Printers, systems implementation, Digital Cameras, Video Recorders, Laptops, mini Laptops.

Mission: It is mainly to achieve satisfaction in the consumption of products provided by the company to its customers through the method of payment by installments of the price of the product, thus achieving the acquisition of said products by a group of people who otherwise would be very difficult or impossible to acquire them. It is in this way that Grupo Cesio C.A. As a company, it seeks not only the development of a commercial activity but also the development of its consumers by virtue of the fact that it puts at their fingertips a set of technological and recreational tools that will help their integral development.

Vision: Have greater commercial capacity by virtue of being able to expand its market, and not only establish itself in what is related to the personnel assigned to the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, but also be able to enter the general market and thus be able to have a greater social impact. in the development of the commercial activity that has been implemented.