We are a family business specialized in Creole gastronomy for more than 12 years. We began to raise the dream of being a gastronomic reference in the area, and we have achieved it! Our pillars and values ​​are the same as those of a large family: Respect, Effort, Teamwork and Love for what we do.

We are passionate about the quality of our food. We always use the best ingredients with the characteristic seasoning of our Latin American culture, both in food and in desserts and drinks, to bring a longing flavor to our customers' palates.

We are addicted to making our customers smile. At Langano Café we want all our customers and guests to feel at home, as a family. And we know that food tastes better when it is prepared and served with joy and good service.

We are pioneers and we evolve towards technology. Langano Café stands out for being the first restaurant to start developing the first food e-commerce (or Online Store) in the entire region. We are moving towards digital to improve our quality of service and attention.

We are Langano Café... and we continue to write this story!